All 33 Chilean Miners Exit Rescue Capsule Wearing Oakley Radar Sunglasses

Chilean Miners Are Wearing Oakley Sunglasses

The whole world anxiously followed the plight of the 33 trapped 2000 feet underground and their subsequent rescue on Wednesday, October 13. The ordeal in the miners has dominated the network newscasts as well as the ones from the local channels along with the every day newspapers. The original forecast of rescue attempt was projected to be in December, but with the aid of a Houston drilling company and a drillers supply in Pennsylvania, the rescue work came much earlier than the original date.

Are you searching for a pair of the most recent celebrity shades? Then you need look only to the San Jose Mine in Chile, the location where the trapped miners came to the surface wearing some very nice sun glasses on Wednesday and Thursday this week. As everyone knows, the miners were trapped some 2000 ft below the earth’s floor for over sixty days with no experience of sunlight and very little other light your entire ordeal. Ophthalmologists recommended that extra care be taken to shield their eyes following their rise to the surface.

Oakley spokespersons reported the organization had provided 35 pairs of the very popular Oakley Radar sunglasses. These glasses were fitted with Black Iridium lens in Path and Range lens forms and given to the miners, for protection while their eyes became re-acclimated to sunlight and the bright lights in the rescue area, after spending more than two months stuck underground. Oakley described being approached by a Chilean journalist in connection with providing assistance to the rescue and was happy to assist. In a statement, Oakley said “Our hearts are with the recovery teams and the miners as we await a joyous conclusion to the situation”.

The placement and well timed product positioning will no doubt pay off in a big way for the sunglasses manufacturer. Analysis by Front Line Analytics for CNBC estimated that Oakley could greatly benefit from publicity worth nearly $40 trillion in TV advertising and marketing.

Oakley said your sunglasses supplied for the miners was selected specifically for their particular special needs. The actual frame (Radar product) wraps around the eyes, delivering maximum protection from the sun, and the lens balances light along with reducing glare. The lenses also come designed with a coating which repels water, dirt and dust Or a characteristic particularly helpful during rescue operations – and also blocks 100 percent of UVA, UVB and UVC light.