Most Popular Types of Designer Eyeglasses

Designer eyeglasses have changed how people feel about their glasses. This is because they simply look fantastic. Some of the major clothing designers, in addition to companies who have designed designer sunglasses, have broken out into the world of eyeglasses in order to give individuals better options when it comes to the oldest way to correct their vision. As a result, wearing glasses has become considerably more bearable for individuals who hated it when it was time to choose another pair of boring glasses. Now, choosing a new pair of glasses is an exciting time because it is a time to change the first thing that people see when looking you in the face.

Being that glasses are very noticeable, having the right shape, size, style, and brand are very important. Those who buy designer eyeglasses want people to look at their glasses in delight and not in a way that makes them want to cringe in disgust at the poor styling.

Frame shapes and sizes

Designer eyeglasses come in different shapes and sizes. It is true that eyeglasses are smaller than they used to be, but they look so much better. This change in appearance has now enabled people to show off their glasses instead of shying away in embarrassment.

The different shapes include oval, round, square, and octagonal. Which shape is chosen is entirely dependent upon the shape and size of an individual’s face. People with round faces may choose a squared-off design to make the face look less rounded. Designer companies have taken this into consideration and made sure that all shapes and sizes to fit the different facial types are included in their designs.

Designer frames

There are very popular designer eyeglasses out there today that people are enjoying very much. Those designers include: Coach, Valentino, Oakley, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Dolce Gabanna, Prada, Gucci, Versace, Dior, Chanel, and Ralph Lauren. Each one of these manufactures their own unique styles that establish many of the trends we see today.

When one of these companies manufactures a new style, the companies that manufacture imitations are right on it because they must keep up with the designer companies in order to keep their own profits up. The off-brands will make something different about their glasses that are not like the designer brands so that they are not entirely imitating the designer brand. However, many of them come very close. The truth of the matter is that designer frames are stronger than the imitation frames. Because of this strength and the fact that there is a designer name on them, the price tag is a big heftier. However, many individuals feel that they can’t put a price tag on how good they look and how well they feel about themselves.

Purchasing designer frames

Fortunately, you have options when it comes to purchasing designer frames. Those options include buying them from your optometrist or buying them online. You must determine which the most affordable option for you is since one could be cheaper than the other. As for how to find the most affordable designer glasses, you can look online at the different types that exist. You can choose those that you like and then compare the prices at your eye doctor’s office. Most eyeglass dispensaries carry the designer glasses for those in the community who enjoy purchasing them. You can at least find something comparable to the ones you see online, but make sure you are mindful of the price. That way, you can make sure you get the eyeglasses you want without paying out a ridiculously high price.

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Authentic and Replica Online Discount Designer Eyeglass Frames

Designer eyeglasses in the market are attracting a great number of permanent and temporary customers. Those regular customers do believe that those superior designer glasses are absolutely worthy of their high prices. For some temporary customers, it can be a new experience of wearing designer spectacles. While those branded spectacles are mainly enjoyed by the rich group, a tiny proportion of individuals with low or medium income may also be potential customers. After all, this is the not key point. The key point is that those designer eyeglasses are becoming more and more popular among the public. Fewer eyewear users choose to insist on using those non-branded eyeglasses for lifelong. Yet a problem is that designer eyeglasses are really expensive. In most cases, a typical brand would ask the customers for exorbitant prices. For the majority of the public, discount designer eyeglass frames are the only choice. Either they want designer prescription glasses or designer sunglasses, choosing those discounted frames are necessary.

Online shops are always the first option for customers to search discount designer eyeglass frames. Since the e-business market including eyewear products is continuing to enlarge, more vendors start to open online eyewear shops. For every online buyer, it is very important to check the authenticity of an online shop which sells designer glasses. Discount designer glasses do enable individuals to save money. But eyewear quality should not be sacrificed. From this viewing point, there are mainly two types of online stores who provide discount designer glasses. One type is authentic stores and the other type is replica stores. These two types are quite different in offering products as well as charging prices. It is necessary for customers to differentiate one from the other.

Authentic designer glass stores have remained the majority on the Internet. Some of the notable ones include,,, etc. Most of these authentic online stores order products directly from different manufacturers. And they often stock eyeglasses of many brands, such as Oakley, Ray Ban, Gucci and Versace and so on. Those authentic designer glasses can ensure customers product quality and original designs. In fact, discount designer eyeglass frames from qualified online stores are the right choice. But the fact is that there are still online shops selling replicas of designer glasses, such as and These shops always claim they are offering discount designer eyeglass frames at extremely low prices. Replica designer glasses are truly cheaper than those authentic ones. But they may sacrifice glass quality and offer only unoriginal designs.

The “Hip and In” Eyeglasses for This Summer

There was a time when prescription eyeglasses were generally associated with the elderly. Prescription glasses made us think of our parents or grandparents reading the paper on a lazy afternoon.

Times have changed. If you need to wear a pair of prescription eyeglasses, it does not necessarily mean that you should sacrifice looking fabulous. Now you could find a lot of retailers carrying different frames made by different brands, and almost always you have the option to fit corrective lenses in it.

These prescription glasses are great and fashionable for when you are indoors or working at the office or even when you are out with friends at night. They do not only help you see clearly, but they are also designed to enhance your personal style. You can have several prescription glasses to match your clothes or even enhance your facial features.

But now that it’s summer, you just want to have fun. The good thing is that prescription glasses might be amped up to give you that fun, fashionable look while taking care of your eyes. And you don’t need to have separate sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses.

Prescription Sunglasses: Protection and Fashion

In fact, you could have prescription glasses made for you for the summer. Prescription sunglasses are sunglasses that have your corrective prescription in the lenses. That just means that you can now wear sunglasses that help you see clearly while also protecting your eyes from the damaging effects of the sun.

It is summer and the best protection you could get for your eyes is a pair of sunglasses. Don’t you think that it is great to be able to have something fashionable to wear while also being adequately protected?

This is a great development too. The Vision Council of America reports that around three in every four Americans wear corrective eyewear, a majority of these wear eyeglasses. So pretend that prescription sunglasses have not been invented yet. Can you imagine how many out there are walking in sunglasses but are blind as a bat? Or those walking around without adequate protection from the sun?

What’s more, you could get prescription sunglasses from leading fashion outlets. For example, did you know that Jennifer Lopez has her own line of eyeglasses and sunglasses? You can get an Alyssa sunglass or a Shannon sunglass and have it fitted with your own prescription correction built into the lenses.

Looking for established brand names? Take a look at Burberry’s BE 4090 Eyeglasses, where you could choose from a range of colors for the lenses. Perhaps you would be happier with DKNY’s DY 4064 prescription sunglasses or Emporio Armani’s 9687/S. Dolce and Gabbana, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger all have prescription sunglasses that you can get! You can namedrop as much as you like while also looking great.

For men, you can try out Maui Jim’s 212 Akamai Sunglasses, which could also be fitted with prescription lenses. Or why not go for an Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ for the ultimate sporty look? If you want a more classic appeal (think Tom Cruise in Top Gun), get the RayBan RB3025 Large Metal Aviator Prescription Sunglasses.

If budget is a concern, there are a lot of fashionable yet cheap eyeglasses that you could turn into prescription sunglasses. In fact, you can fit prescription lenses on most frames that you fancy and turn ordinary sunglasses into prescription eyeglasses. For example, Adidas has the Adivista L Prescription Sunglasses that cost only a little above the $100 mark, while Tory Burch has the TY 7012 Prescription Sunglasses that sell for around $120.

Prescription Sunglasses: Convenience

Another reason why you should get prescription sunglasses for the summer is convenience. Instead of wearing a pair of sunglasses for the beach and switching on a pair of eyeglasses for driving, you can just wear a pair of prescription sunglasses. This way, you do not have to rummage through your bag to find the pair of glasses that you need. And sometimes, the glare of the summer sun maybe a little bit too much for your eyes, and this can be a problem when driving. A pair of prescription sunglasses can help you reduce the glare while also making it easy for you to see where you are going.

Local and Online Eyeglass Stores

Most people who need to get vision correction first began to wear prescription eyeglasses after being diagnosed by an eye doctor. At the very beginning, they may experience poor vision symptoms such as blurry vision, double vision and so on. If these signs persist for a long time, they will probably choose to see an eye practitioner. It is also possible that some people are detected of a vision problem during a regular eye checkup. Among eye doctors, the latter case is more preferable because it can usually diagnose visual problems at an early stage. This also gives the reason why most qualified doctors encourage their patients to receive eye exams on a regular basis.

A common phenomenon is that most eyeglass users buy their first pair of eyeglasses from their eye doctors. This is simply because it is the doctor who helps in detecting the visual problem. After that, the doctor would probably recommend a pair of prescription eyeglasses. Even with the availability of contact lenses and various laser eye surgeries which can also treat vision defects, corrective eyeglasses are still the main solution suggested by eye doctors for individuals who have no experience of vision correction. In other words, eyeglasses are the safest option of vision correction. For most eyeglass users, they have very little knowledge when they first needed to wear a pair of prescription spectacles. As a result, they would always accept glasses recommended by the doctor.

But in fact, eye care practitioners only provide one source of prescription eyeglasses. There are quite a few other sources which even offer more benefits. Eyeglass stores are one of those sources. In most cases, these stores are referred to local optical stores. With the availability of the huge variety of eyewear products, customers can easily find an optical shop locally. It is true that some eyeglass manufacturers are now running exclusive optical stores all over the world. These eyeglass stores provide spectacles in various styles exclusively produced by a specific brand. Customers can always find nearly all eyewear types in certain a brand. Famous eyewear brands including Aviator, Gucci, Oakley, and Ray-Ban, just to name a few. However, local optical stores are always thought to charge high prices.

In addition to the traditional local eyeglass stores, there are still numerous online optical shops. From this channel, eyeglass wearers can even be confused by the extraordinary options. And it is acknowledged by the vast majority of online buyers that online eyeglasses are relatively cheaper than those from other sources.

Brands of European Eyeglass Frames

In the market of eyeglasses, there are many designers all over the world. It is estimated that there are more than one thousand eyewear brands worldwide. But the most reputable ones are mainly owned by American and European companies. Even if these companies have opened international branches in developing countries such as China and India, the key brands are kept stably. Over the past decades, European companies are the major role in the international market of eyeglasses. There are some eyeglasses giants headquartered in European countries. Not all European eyeglass frames fall into the category of “boring and safety”. There are still some glasses tend to be elegant and high-quality. In general, European eyeglass frames are usually elegant, well constructed and classy. There are nowadays many customers who choose to wear European eyeglasses to make an eyewear statement. With a rough research, one may be surprised by the European eyewear companies’ leading role in the international eyewear industry. In fact, European eyeglass frames are absolutely the majority world wide.

Headquartered in Milan, Italy, Luxottica Group is the world’s largest eyewear company. Currently, the company produces eyeglass frames under brands including Ray Ban, Persol, Oakley, Chanel, Vogue, Luxottica and Arnette and so on. In addition, Luxottica is also licensed to make eyewear products under many other designer labels, including Versace, Tiffany, Brooks and Versus etc. Its brand Ray Ban is worth particular mentioning. Having helped the American company Bausch & Lomb gained much fame, Ray Ban was sold to Luxottica Group in 1999. This acquisition really means something important, magnifying the leading status of European eyeglass manufacturers.

As the main competitor of Luxottica, Safilo Group is the world’s second largest eyewear company who also focuses on producing European eyeglass frames. Headquartered in Padova Italy, Safilo company now makes sunglasses and eyeglass frames. It business range is quite similar to Luxottica. Notable brands kept by Safilo include Safilo, Carrera, Oxydo and Smith Optics. The company also produces eyeglasses under licensed brands such as Dior, Gucci and Jimmy Choo and so on. In addition to these two great companies, there are still many other corporations in Europe developing European eyeglass frames under different brands. Cazal eyeglasses made in Germany were first introduced in the early 1980s and became a popular enjoyment by countless entertainers and athletes. European eyeglass frames are also available in some less well known names, like Giorgio Armani, Grotesque, Lafont, Mykita, Okki etc.